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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Theme Thursday.....REACTION

Opal Nation27

I am not sure how long we stood there, just thinking about different thoughts when all of a sudden the three of us jumped, because we heard an indescribable sound coming from outside that we were not expecting. It was Ben who recognized it first and then Father and I too knew what it was. It was just a Screeching Owl screeching away to let any other owls know that this was his territory. I asked Father if the bullcomimao had sounded anything like the owl and he told me that it just vaguely resembled the sound, that the bullcomimao was a sound that put a fear into your heart and scared all the creatures too.

At that point Father turned to look at us and said he was going to bed. He then walked out of the library holding his glass of his Special Reserve and then we could hear him walking up the steps to his room. Ben then went to sit in Father's chair and I sat down on the couch. We stared at each other for a bit and I then started talking about what I had been thinking.

"Ben, do you think we need to learn how to use a weapon?"

"How did you know what I was thinking about?"

"How could we not think about it? After what happened to Father I began to realize that if we are to ever go to the Opal Nation then it would be a good thing for us to carry a weapon around with us. And we better know how to use it. It is useless if we have no clue as to what to do with it."

"I know, it is probably a necessity to have one there."

Ben then got up and said he was tired and was going to go to bed too. I stayed in the library for a while, I had a lot to think about.

How many years had gone by since that night? Ben and I had eventually taken the lessons on how to use the weapons that we thought we would need if we had a chance to go the Opal Nation. Ben had surprised us in that he had become very proficient and was an excellent shot, he had also been taking lessons on how to use a sword. He said that we would never know when that would come in handy and plus if we ever ran out of ammo then we would be thankful for the sword.

So eventually I too decided that I should learn how to use a sword and was almost as good as Ben but he was stronger and sometimes brute strength overcame skill. But where I did outshine Ben was my ability to shoot a weapon. I soon discovered I was an excellent marksman and our instructor said that if I continued learning that maybe someday I would make it into the sniper level.

Then one day I saw someone who had a bow and arrow, my instincts led me to follow him and to watch him using it. From the first time I watched him aim that arrow at his target and pull back the bow string until it was taut, then to release it with just the slightest of movement, I was hooked. This would be easier to use than the sword and did not require brute strength but required skill. I knew that if I had to react to a threat then this would become my weapon of choice.

From that day forward I started taking lessons. Sometimes it felt like work and for the majority of the time it was just pure joy. I was totally in my element. And I could shoot my target 98% of the time, they even had us practice with moving targets and they said my reaction time was pretty amazing. I knew that if Father had been there that he would have been so proud of Ben and I. It had taken us many years to learn these skills but we had done it.

I was still on my quest to see the Professor and was still being put off by his assistant. I had finally had it and I decided that I was going to see the Professor sooner than........

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Theme Thursday.....DOUBLE

Opal Nation26

Everyone was in a subdued yet happy mood, thankful that this ordeal was over, but was it really over? They turned and started to walk back to camp when all of a sudden they heard that strange indescribable sound again. Father said the hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood up and he was sure that the others felt the same way.

They slowly turned around and could not believe what was there in front of them. It was another damn bullcomimao. But this one was bigger then the previous largest one. And all they could do was stare at it because it had baby bullcomimao's attached to it's body, double the amount of babies that were on the zerthbeelee and all of them were making that sound. But Father said that when he looked into the eyes of this larger one he could almost feel the hatred and knew that they were going to be attacked again.

Father felt fear throughout his body because he was standing in front of the Professor, Carlos and the Packwitts. He had no idea what they were doing because he was too scared to turn around or even move to run. He hoped that they were getting ready to shoot this one too. Father was pretty certain that this one was the mother and that was why she had all those babies attached. He realized that each of those babies would someday turn into a blood sucking bullcomimao and thought of all the destruction and death they would bring upon the Opalites.

The first bullet went whizzing on past the spot where Father stood, and then they just kept coming. Father knew he had to stand very still so as to not get shot but his knees were starting to buckle, especially as the large creature started to move towards them. It finally started to stumble and then it fell down. Then some of the baby bullcomimao's had jumped off the mother and they started coming towards them. These babies were a lot smaller then the other ones and they also seemed quicker. Father was not sure if they knew how to attack and could suck the blood out of him but he did not want to take a chance. He yelled, "I'm out of here and watch out for me." as he was turning around and running towards the others.

He ran on past them and then turned around to see what was happening. He looked back just in time to see them kill the last two baby creatures. Father let out a big sigh of relief. Maybe this nightmare of a day would soon be over. The others did not jump up and down or shout out with joy. They moved towards the creatures to make sure they were all dead and then went in the direction that this one had come from.

It was very easy to follow her trail because drops of blood make an easy trail to follow. After about five minutes they found the missing Packwitt or what was left of him. The babies had obviously been learning from their mom. They walked around the area to check to see if there were any more creatures and found no traces of any. Finally they slowly began the trek back to their camp, in no hurry because of what awaited them there.

Father was still sitting in his chair while telling us this story, and as usual he just stopped. We knew that was all we were going to get out of him. He then went and poured some more of his Special Reserve into his glass, walked to the library window and just started staring out into the darkness. Ben and I walked over to stand beside him. I was so thankful that Father had survived and was sure that Ben felt the same way.

I am not sure how long we stood there, just thinking about different thoughts when all of a sudden the three of us jumped, because we heard an indescribable sound coming from outside......

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Theme Thursday.....BUBBLES

Opal Nation25

Even so, they proceeded with caution and slowly approached the area where Father was now standing like the statue of David. They saw him first and almost laughed aloud but then they quickly saw the new creatures and they too became as still as a statue. Accessing the situation, weapons already pointed at the creatures, they knew they had to move quickly, especially since they had no idea as to how fast these bullcomimao's could move.

Father said the best way to describe what happened next was that all hell broke loose and he wanted to run as far away from there as possible. But he had been standing there for so long that his legs froze up on him. All he could pretty much do was to watch and hope the bullcomimao's ignored him.

The bullcomimao's saw the Professor, Carlos, and their two Packwitts, with their weapons aimed at each one of them. They had no idea what the weapons were and so had no fear of them. They had sucked a lot of blood from the zerthbeelee but not enough. The largest one started making some strange indescribable sound and the others joined in. They were ready to attack, they had no fear because they always won and knew they would soon be feasting on these hapless creatures who dared to interrupt their meal.

They started to move towards the Professor and Carlos, trying to run at a fast pace, but because they were half sate they could not move as quickly as they normally could. Father watched as the others aimed their weapons and the Professor took the first shot, followed by the other three. But the bullcomimao's kept coming and screeching that awful noise. The men kept firing their weapons at the creatures and finally they fell to the ground, with the largest getting almost to where Father was still standing. The screeching slowly ended with a last gasp from the largest one.

Father finally was able to move and along with the others they slowly walked up to look at the bullcomimao's. The blood that they had been sucking out of the Zerthbeelee began to bubble out of the wounds from the bullets. Soon the creatures lay in a puddle of blood, their bodies turning totally green again. The Packwitts started jumping up and down with joy. They knew that they would become legends amongst the Opalites as the first ones to ever kill a bullcomimao. The Kweelee would even possibly reward them with riches. They stopped jumping up and down and started thinking about their friend who was hurt and the other one who was lost.

The Professor and Carlos gave Father a great big hug and told him that they were thankful that they had arrived in time. Father looked at them and said it was about time he learned how to use the weapon he had brought.

Everyone was in a subdued yet happy mood, thankful that this ordeal was over, but was it......

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Theme Thursday.....Corner

Opal Nation24

Father could now even hear the sickening sucking noises they were making, but he could not stop watching. He told us it was like watching a horror movie and you just had to see what was going to happen next. The only difference he said was that he soon began to realize that he was a part of this horror movie.

He knew that the moment when the bullcomimao's stopped sucking on the zerthbeelee, withdrew their large claws out of it, and looked back towards the camp where they could hear the other zerthbeelee wailing, even though it was not as loud. He held his breath again in the hopes that they could not see him since he was a lot closer to them and would be an easier prey to catch. Father told us that he had shuddered at the thought of what they would do to him.

Then he watched in terror as the four bullcomimao's started to climb down from the zerthbeelee. The smallest one started to climb back up but a most terrifying sound made him stop. He continued to climb down and then took a last jump to the ground with the others. The largest one raised up on it's hind legs and began sniffing the air, it looked back at the zerthbeelee and then back towards camp. Father thought that maybe this was the mother or father and was teaching their offspring how to hunt. Father continued to stand like a statue, afraid that one movement would make them come after him. He said he felt like a chicken cornered by a fox in a hen house.

But what Father had not known was that the Professor and Carlos along with their Packwitts had just arrived back at camp. Now Father not being a violent man had never felt a need to carry a weapon, but the Professor and Carlos being more practical had brought along what they thought would be needed.

They walked into camp, shocked by what they saw and then started looking for Father. Father's Packwitt quickly told them what had happened and that Father was out there alone watching the bullcomimao's. They knew right then that Father was nuts and that he was also in danger. Luckily for Father their weapons were loaded and ready to be used, also they had taught their Packwitts how to use ones they had given to them.

Even so, they proceeded with caution and slowly approached the area where Father was now standing like the statue of David. They saw him first and almost laughed aloud but then they quickly saw the new creatures and they too became as still as a statue. Accessing the situation, weapons already pointed at the creatures, they knew they had to move quickly, especially since they had no idea as to how fast these bullcomimao's could move.

Father said the best way to describe what happened next was that all hell broke loose and....

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Theme Thursday.....Blue

Opal Nation23

Father stood up, walked over to where he stood, and then looked to see what the Packwitt was staring upon. Slowly they both backed up to hide behind a bush and looked at a most terrifying site. They could see in the distance the dead zerthbeelee, lying there on the ground.

I stood up, and looked at Father and Ben staring at me. I had to get out of the room because I felt so sad for the zerthbeelee and Packwitt who had died and at the same time I was so thankful that my Father was still alive. I knew I should only be thinking of the Packwitt and his family but I could not. Father was all that Ben and I had left. If anything had happened to him then what would we do. I went to stand on the back patio to get some fresh air. Neither Ben nor Father followed me. I think they knew that I needed to be alone.

I am not sure how long I stood there, just staring out and not really seeing anything. The sun started to go down and I knew I better go back inside. I walked into the library, Father was still sitting in his chair holding his glass that I knew held his Special Reserve. I looked at the couch and saw that Ben had fallen asleep and was lightly snoring. Father then looked up at me and I could tell that his look held the unasked question of whether or not he should continue with his story, and if I would be up to listening to it. I wanted to refuse but I knew that I had to hear about everything my Father had been through when he had gone to the Opal Nation. I nodded a yes to my Father. He nodded back, and I knew I had to wake Ben up so that he too could hear the rest of the story.

Ben finally woke up when I pushed him off the couch and he fell on the floor. "What did you do that for?", he griped at me while rubbing his shoulder. I just gave him a look and then nodded again at Father.

Father then continued with the story.

He said they could see these creatures attached to the zerthbeelee and thought they could hear a loud sucking noise coming from them but could not tell for sure because of the two zerthbeelees still wailing while watching the other Packwitt. The Packwitt with Father looked at him and whispered, "Bullcomimao!". Then he and Father looked at what was happening and knew that they had better be as still and quiet as possible. Father motioned to the Packwitt to go and try to get the two zerthbeelees to stop the wailing noise. He looked like he was afraid to leave Father, but at the same time he knew that he needed to get the zerthbeelees to quiet down before the Bullcomimao's came back to their camp.

Father looked back at the scene before him and was fascinated by the creatures feasting upon the zerthbeelee. They were smaller than a dog, larger than a cat, about the size of a very large racoon. There looked to be around four of them in what seemed to be their area in which to suck the blood out of the zerthbeelee. Three of them must have been there longer then the fourth one because they were already starting to turn brown, but what the Packwitt must not have known was that first they turned a pale blue color before they turned brown. Father said it was strange because you could almost see which parts of their body the blood was going into. You could see the pale blue color moving along from their head and making it's way to the rest of their bodies. It was fascinating and it was terrifying at the same time.

The fourth one was larger and this was the one that frightened Father the most. It was still pretty much green in color but it had the most blood on it's body. It would stop sucking and then look at the other three bullcomimao's and then look back towards camp. Father swore the creature looked right at him, but then he told us that he was holding his breath so tight until his lungs hurt that he knew he had not moved. The green creature then went back to sucking with such a vengeance that Father was worried that it had seen him and wanted to make sure that it got it's share of the blood before something happened.

Father then noticed that the two zerthbeelees had lowered the sound of their wailing, maybe that was why the creature had looked towards their camp. The creature was probably thinking about attacking the other zerthbeelees when it was finished with this one. Father tried to see where the missing Packwitt had been dragged, only he could not see him. He saw a trail of blood a few feet away from the dead zerthbeelee but there were too many bushes in the way for him to see if the Packwitt was over there. Hopefully there was not another Bullcomimao with the Packwitt, but Father knew there was a possibility.

Father continued to study the creatures, mostly the large one because it was changing faster then the other three. They had no hair, no feathers, and he could not see any scales, but it was hard to tell at this distance. They could have had scales, but they might have been small ones, but for now Father could only guess that they had a very thick looking type of hide. It was almost like a deer skin once the hair had been removed. Father then noticed that they had a short tail, which he could see they were using to balance their bodies while on the Zerthbeelee. The tail was still green on the four of them. Maybe that would be the last part to turn pale blue and then brown. He looked closer and could see that the tail had what looked to be almost like fish scales but not really fish scales. They were almost triangular in shape but the tips were rounded off. For some reason they made Father think of a shovel. The Bullcomimao's continued to suck, seemingly ignoring everything going on around them. Father could now even hear the sickening sucking noises they were making, but he could not stop watching. He told us it was like watching a horror movie and you just had to see what was going to happen next. The only difference he said was that he soon began to realize that he was a part of this horror movie.

He knew that the moment when the Bullcomimao's stopped sucking on the Zerthbeelee, withdrew their large claws out of it, and looked back towards the camp....

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Brian MillerJul 1, 2010 03:39 AM

oh lord mrsu...you are giving me the shivers this morning...fascinating...and scary..you have created such a magical place...so glad we returned to opal nation...
Harnett-HargroveJul 1, 2010 04:23 AM

Enchanting place! when you wrote ...made Father think of a shovel... I was thinking 'hit it with'... .-J
mouse (aka kimy)Jul 1, 2010 05:48 AM

creature names worthy of dr. seuss!!

happy theme thursday!
BetsyJul 1, 2010 09:53 AM

you did this just for Brian, didn't you! LOL! creepy!
Monkey ManJul 1, 2010 10:23 AM

My first trip to your Opal Nation. Visually stimulating, this story. A bit spooky too. My Theme Thursday is HERE .
Ronda LaveenJul 1, 2010 02:06 PM

I have been waiting a long time for this new episode of Opal Nation with all of its wonderful creatures. You did not disappoint!
California GirlJul 1, 2010 04:25 PM

you have given me the shivers as well. I keep thinking of these creatures sucking on the other ones. creepy and not out of the realm of reality some day...maybe even now?
moondustwriterJul 1, 2010 05:52 PM

Wow - you got the words working woman. I love the gift of imagination. Thanks so much for letting it flow!!!!

Love and thanks for always reading my stuff

Friday, July 9, 2010

Theme Thursday...........GREEN

Opal Nation22

Father removed the Packwitt's hand covering the wound and was shocked at what he saw, something had bitten off a large portion of the Packwitt's shoulder. Father said it looked more like a shark bite, but they were not anywhere near an ocean. Father quickly set to work doing as much triage to the shoulder as possible. He knew that there was no such thing as a hospital in the Opal Nation, and that he would be the only one who could save the Packwitt.

He had the other Packwitt start a fire as quickly as possible. He had already clamped off as many blood vessels as he could. He was thankful that they had brought such an extensive first-aid kit. It was almost like a portable hospital. They sterilized everything, while they were working and Father quickly got to work stopping the bleeding and then patching up the Packwitt as best as he was able to under the circumstances.

Finally when they had done everything they possibly could, Father and the Packwitt sat back and looked at each other. Father had so many questions for the Packwitt, lying there passed out, due to the morphine. But he had a suspicion that the Packwitt who had been with him knew what had happened here.

Father sat there staring at him for a few minutes. The Packwitt would not look Father in the eyes.

Father finally said, "What do you think happened here? Where is the other Packwitt and zerthbeelee?"

The Packwitt finally looked at Father and there was shock in his eyes. He uttered one word, "Bullcomimao!"

Father had no idea what the Packwitt was talking about. What did bullcomimao mean? So he asked the Packwitt what he meant.

The Packwitt stood up and started pacing back and forth, looking around and then stared at the ground. He then told Father that the missing Packwitt and zerthbeelee were dead and that the bullcomimao had done this. He explained to Father that the bullcomimao was a creature that very few Opalites had ever lived to talk about.

The bullcomimao was not a large creature, but he was a vicious hunter and preyed on the unsuspecting and the weak. He lived underground and hibernated most of the year after it's last kill and gorging on the blood of it's latest victim. It would store all of the food and blood inside of it's body and turn brown, like the color of the ground. Then it would burrow underground to hibernate and because it was the same color brown as the ground, that it was very difficult for the Opalites to hunt.

The Opalites knew very little about the bullcomimao except that it changed colors once it had burned all of it's stored up fuel in it's body. Then it would wake up and begin to hunt it's prey once again. While it was hunting it lived above the ground and while living above ground it's new color was green. It would live among the plants and was what Father compared to a chameleon. Maybe it was the chameleon's ancestor, a green monster.

The Packwitt continued telling Father what he knew about the bullcomimao, he said that it usually attacked and killed many of the smaller creatures that it came upon. He thought that they usually were lone hunters and did not hunt in packs, but it looked like this was an attack by more than one bullcomimao. Possibly three or four had attacked their camp. They had probably been after the zerthbeelee and that the Packwitt, who had been trying to protect his zerthbeelee, probably got caught in the middle of the attack. They would then drag off their prey to gorge and feed upon.

All the while that the Packwitt had been talking, he had been pacing around the outside of the camp while looking at the ground, he suddenly stopped and stared.

Father stood up, walked over to where he stood, and then looked to see what the Packwitt was staring upon. Slowly they both backed up.......

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subbyMar 4, 2010 03:17 AM

AAAAAAGGHH! It's a bull-whatchacallit, innit? And I was actually snacking whilst reading this :)

Great as always and I await the next chapter, luv!

Hugs and God bless!
Brian MillerMar 4, 2010 03:50 AM

bum bum bum...just enough to get us going and then...we wait again. these go too quick mrsu....
MrsupoleMar 4, 2010 05:06 AM

Hi Subby,

Yes, I do not think that eating during this one would be a good idea. I had wondered if it might be a little too gross, but then again, it is during a time when life was not quite so civilized.

And see I have to wait for each installment too. I know what you mean aaaagggggghhhhh.

God bless.
MrsupoleMar 4, 2010 05:10 AM

Hi Brian,

It is truly a female thing, get you going and then make you wait, get you going again and then make you wait. What can I say, it is what we are taught to do. LOL

I sometimes worry that these are too long and so I have tried to shorten them somewhat. Maybe next time it will be longer, but then again maybe not.

God bless.
willowMar 4, 2010 05:49 AM

Write on, Mrs. U. Happy TT to you!
TitaniumMar 4, 2010 10:36 AM

Gotta watch out for those chameleon-critters...

Mine is up!
Ronda LaveenMar 4, 2010 01:15 PM

Oh, snark! What do they see? Sherry, I'm still laughing at your response to Brian. It is in our early teachings, isn't it?
TomMar 4, 2010 03:10 PM

you've come up with another interesting creature, I see. This one's pretty frightening!
ChristinaMar 4, 2010 04:54 PM

Then what happened, then what happened, THEN WHAT HAPPENED?! :D

Can't wait to read the continuation.
DreamhavenMar 4, 2010 06:02 PM

An animal like that I don't ever want to meet. Happy TT
tonyMar 5, 2010 05:26 AM

I would Like Some morphine in my First Aid Kit!
Happy Opal T.T.
BainoMar 5, 2010 03:02 PM

Poke it in the eyes and thump it's nose. Works for sharks!
VEMar 9, 2010 08:55 AM

Oh sure, leave us hanging! Another excellent segment of Opal Naiton! Yeah...
AnonymousMar 10, 2010 11:02 AM

What a great resource!
AnonymousMay 31, 2010 11:02 AM

Hey Its Kelly!!! Omgee I LOVEE The Story!!! I Stayed Up All Night Reading It Last Night!! I Still Have To Read It To My Grandma But I Know She Will Love It Just As Much As I Did. Omgee I Can't Wait For The Next Part!!! Im On The Edge Of My Seat!!!!! = )

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Theme Thursday...........RED

Opal Nation21

So Father started to quickly walk the rest of the way to camp alone. As Father got closer he started hearing some loud noises that he had never heard before. He knew that he had better be very cautious as he approached camp.

At this point I was torn between wanting to hear what was going on in the camp and the fear of hearing how Father had been in danger while approaching their camp. I started breathing louder than normal and Father stopped telling his story and actually looked at me. He sensed my fear, but at the same time I knew that he had to continue telling me the story. I had been staring out the large window in the library and I knew it was time that I sat down, so I sat down next to Ben on the library couch. I looked at Ben to see how he was doing while listening to Father's story. He looked a little pale but at the same time I could see the excitement in the anticipation of what had happened in Father's camp.

Father took another drink of his Special Reserve and then continued with the story. He told us how he had slowed his pace and was trying to approach their campsite as quietly as he possibly could. The noise was strange, almost like a large whale wailing in sadness, but there was a nasal quality to the sound. He stopped behind some bushes just outside of their camp and when Father slowly moved the bushes to peek at what was making that loud noise he told us how he could do nothing but stare at the site before him.

There was so much blood, a deep, dark red looking blood that was splattered all around their camp. What the hell had happened? It looked like a tornado had hit their camp. Everything was moved and scattered all about. Their neat, orderly campsite had been almost totally destroyed. The sunlight reflecting the red from the bloody objects sitting there. He said it looked like there had been a tremendous struggle in the camp. Then he saw what was making the noise, one of the zerthbeelees was just outside the camp, sitting there with his head raised up, like a wolf would do when howling, only the zerthbeelee was making the wailing noise.

Father circled around the outside of the camp as quickly as he could and slowly approached the zerthbeelee. There lying beside the zerthbeelee was one of the Packwitt's, he was injured with blood oozing through the hand that he held trying to cover the wound on his shoulder. The zerthbeelee was guarding the Packwitt and Father knew that he had to approach them very cautiously or the zerthbeelee would attack Father with his large claws. The Packwitt opened his eyes and saw Father. He quickly said something to the zerthbeelee who had been watching Father and was beginning to crouch down in attack mode, getting ready to pounch upon Father. The zerthbeelee wailed one more large wail and then laid down next to the Packwitt, making sure that he was touching the Packwitt.

Father still approached slowly and all the time trying to talk to the Packwitt to find out what had happened. At the moment when Father crouched down to check the Packwitt's shoulder, he heard a loud commotion behind him in the camp. He turned around to see the other Packwitt and zerthbeelee who had been behind him. The other Packwitt looked at his friend and quickly went to find the first aid kit that the Professor had brought with them. He had shown the Packwitt what it contained, and how if any of them were to get hurt that he should bring the kit immediately to them. The zerthbeelee stayed in camp and was following his Packwitt like a lost child.

When the Packwitt found the first aid kit and brought it quickly to Father, his zerthbeelee followed him and sat on the other side of the injured Packwitt and he soon started wailing as loudly as the other zerthbeelee had been doing. Then the injured Packwitt's zerthbeelee joined in and began wailing all over again. Father said it was a haunting sound and one could hear the sadness that was being communicated between the two zerthbeelees. Father quickly went to work on the injured Packwitt and he was thankful that his training in the military had him well trained in giving first aid to injured soldiers. He gave the Packwitt a shot of morphine and he quickly passed out.

Father removed the Packwitt's hand covering the wound and was shocked at what he saw......

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subbyFeb 4, 2010 05:29 AM

What? What did he seeee? Aaaagh! To wait another week....!
willowFeb 4, 2010 06:49 AM

Packwitt makes me think of Piwacket in Bell Book and Candle.
Brian MillerFeb 4, 2010 07:30 AM

snap...what did he see. really this is better than LOST...
DreamhavenFeb 4, 2010 09:01 AM

No, how could you leave this up in the air.
TomFeb 4, 2010 11:21 AM

arg, a cliff hanger! I need some of that special reserve to see me through.
Ronda LaveenFeb 4, 2010 02:27 PM

Oh, god! I hate it when animals and children are hurt. What? What did father see?
Terrace CrawfordFeb 4, 2010 04:25 PM

@Brian - lol. you crack me up.

--Terrace Crawford
JaimeFeb 4, 2010 05:50 PM

i love this story. WHAT DID HE SEE?!?!?
VEFeb 5, 2010 07:03 AM

Teaser! Yeah for another Opal Nation segment though...
BainoFeb 5, 2010 04:12 PM

What what what? Gawd. I wish you'd draw a Zerthebee .. I'm very curious to know what they look like!
CatLadyLarewFeb 6, 2010 07:31 AM

Man... I just got here and now I'm in the middle of the story thinking WTF? I'll have to start over from the beginning to see where all this came from. Great story!